Record an album in a professional recording studio

You would like to record a CD alone or with your band and are looking for a recording studio in Mannheim for your album production or CD recording? We would be pleased to hear from you....

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Album recording / CD recording

If you want to record each track individually with your band in the recording studio, we always recommend making a realistic time estimate.

How to make an album: A step-by-step guide - Set your budget - Book the recording room - Set a schedule - Plan recording, mixing and mastering with our help.

Planning and realisation of an album production

1 hour upon request
Ask now

Years of experience for professional sound

Good preparation and clear agreements help in any case to achieve a professional sound. It is also important to take the time a song or an album needs to be released for eternity in this "digital" world.

Let's just do it well!

We are looking forward to your request.

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