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Teambuilding-Event in Mannheim

Teambuilding Events Mannheim - The offer for companies

We offer team-building events for entire departments with up to 60 people in the premises of the Musikpark and the Schraubfabrik. Feel invited to write and make music in an interdisciplinary way with professional musicians and producers or to sing your own texts and ideas together in a choir and record them with professional sound and video technology.

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During the creation of a song as well as during the production in the studio, different building blocks come together.
which each require very different talents and outputs. On the one hand, there is the creative work,
the creative work, the development of an idea, the writing of lyrics and composing.
instruments, editing the tracks and mixing the song.
This whole process is therefore particularly suitable for working through in a team, discovering one's own talents and, above all, those of others.
talents and, above all, those of the others. The vision of a song is developed together and then realised in small groups.
then realised in small groups. The perhaps very different skills of the participants can be taken into account and used where it is necessary for success.
and used where it is most valuable for the success of the joint project.
At the same time, there is room for development, whether it is writing lyrics, singing (solo or in a group), playing an instrument
instrument, or assisting with recording, editing and mixing.

Unimagined talents that have been lying dormant can come to light and the group learns on how many levels everyone can contribute to a song.
the many levels on which everyone can contribute to a song in which everyone can find themselves in the end.



Jonas Birthelmer:
Born 1983 in Heilbronn, singer and songwriter, gold and platinum songwriter for Sony Music Publishing. Singer and
composer of the band JONA BIRD. Experienced coach for voice training, songwriting and bands for more than 10 years.
guest lecturer for the band coaching programme Bandpool at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim), head of the
of the JON school for music & writing in Mannheim

Jan Kalt:
Born 1971 in Münster/Westphalia, music producer, coach and DJ. For over 2o years, Jan Kalt has been running his recording studio
and since then has recorded, produced and mixed thousands of songs from all areas of music, from rock, pop and classical
to electronic music, recorded, produced and mixed. His references range from regional greats
such as Gringo Mayer, Apache207, Julia Neigel, Kosho from Söhne Mannheims, Peter Seiler and Laith-Al-Deen to countless independent
countless independent acts from all over Germany and Europe.
As a team event coach, he has already worked for SAP, Freudenberg, Verivox, BASF and many more.

Procedure of a teambuilding event

  • Presentation of the Schraubfabrik recording studio and the Pop Academy
  • Presentation on songwriting methods
  • Workshop on covers and own interpretations
  • Collective development of concrete melodies and text examples
  • Competition between teams: e.g. translating well-known songs into another language
  • Activation with rhythm exercises and body percussion
  • Singing exercises as choir, soloists, adlips, harmony singing...
  • Recording in the recording studio with Jan Kalt in groups of 6 people and at the end all together as a choir.
  • Mixing, mastering and burning on CD, or uploading the mp3s incl. sending download links by email.
  • (Video shoot with all, if desired and time permits).

References (excerpt)

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  • Johnson & Johnson (Teambuilding-Event)
  • Lüdke & Döbele GmbH (Teambuilding-Event)
  • Xmart IT Consulting GmbH (Teambuilding-Event)

Years of experience for professional sound

Good preparation and clear agreements help in any case to achieve a professional sound. It is also important to take the time a song or an album needs to be released for eternity in this "digital" world.

Let's just do it well!

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