Recording + Edit + Mixdown in the recording studio

Recording refers to the process of capturing sounds or music by transferring them into a digital form using microphones and recording equipment. This process usually requires an understanding of acoustic technology and a knack for adjusting microphones and other recording equipment.

Editing refers to the process of processing the recorded sounds or music to achieve a smooth and professional recording. This usually includes removing unnecessary noise or glitches, adjusting the volume and blending transitions.

Mixdown refers to the process of mixing the individual tracks created during the recording process into a final sound image. During this process, volume, panning, effects and other sound settings are adjusted to achieve an optimal sound image. The mixdown is the final stage in the recording process and puts the finishing touches on the project before it is released.

Together, these processes form the sound recording and production process, where sounds or music are recorded, edited and mixed to achieve a professional result.

Mischpult, Nahaufnahme

Recording + Edit + Mixdown in the recording studio

Important preparations by the artist:

  • Songs are completely orchestrated and ready arranged
  • Recording of the single tracks either at the customer's site or in the recording studio of SCHRAUBFABRIK/Mannheim
  • Demo tape or CD please 14 days in advance (if available)
  • Technical Rider: instrumentation and vocals/lyrics per song on paper or as a table
  • Please indicate tempo and key for each song
  • Song will be mixed as pre-master and handed over in digital form!
  • Mastering and CD production are done externally
  • no data backup of the individual tracks on DVD or hard disk

Recording + Edit + Mixdown offer in the recording studio

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Good preparation and clear agreements help in any case to achieve a professional sound. It is also important to take the time a song or an album needs to be released for eternity in this "digital" world.

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