On Location Live Recordings

On-site live recording is a good option when a band has a concert, or wants to record a demo in their own rehearsal room. We offer this option for bands who need a good demo but have a limited budget available

On Location Recording - Vor Ort Aufnahmen

Depending on the line-up, we record a rehearsal or concert live with up to 28 microphones and mix directly on site. Here it is important that the band is well-rehearsed and has mastered its repertoire.

We reserve the right to charge a travel fee if the "place of action" is further than 20km away from the Schraubfabrik/Mannheim.


1-2 h Setup of the recording session:
Spatial optimisation measures and sensible positioning of the musicians with their instruments so that there is as little crosstalk as possible between the individual microphones during the recording; microphone placement and possibly headphone mix for individual musicians (e.g. singers). A few test recordings are made to ensure that everything is "in phase" and that all microphones are placed as sensibly as possible in relation to each other. Sufficient time should be planned for this. We also like to do this the evening before the actual recording, so that not too much "energy" is lost by the individual musicians during this process. For concerts, we should meet at least 4 hours before the performance in order to have this work done in time.Approx. 4h live recording:

Each song can be recorded several times (live e.g. also the sound check for the PA, without audience) and later the best version can be selected, or the best takes (intro/ verse/ bridge/ chorus) can also be combined by editing.

2-3h dismantling of microphones, editing and mixdown of the recording session - provision of audio data via wetransfer.com

Please have a sufficiently large external hard drive ready for backup purposes! After the work is done, we will gladly make a copy of the complete project folder on your external hard drive, which can be taken to the recording studio of the Schraubfabrik later on, if necessary, in order to carry out the following step:

Post-processing in the recording studio

If the band is basically satisfied with the demo, it is also possible to refine the recordings in the recording studio by overdubbing (e.g. vocals) or completely exchanging individual tracks (e.g. guitar solos). The demo then serves practically as a playback for a headphone mix and the instruments are gradually re-recorded or "doubled". With this method, the feeling, the live groove of the band is preserved and the individual tracks of the instruments can be refined in the recording studio with analogue and soft tools (fine-tuning), which is definitely noticeable in terms of sound.

Depending on the band line-up/instrumentation, there are also other possibilities and necessities for making an optimal live recording. You are welcome to ask us for an individual offer.

On-site live recordings

8 hours 550,00 € netto
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Price net plus 19 % VAT.

Years of experience for professional sound

Good preparation and clear agreements help in any case to achieve a professional sound. It is also important to take the time a song or an album needs to be released for eternity in this "digital" world.

Let's just do it well!

We are looking forward to your request.

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