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Mixing in the recording studio is an important step in music production, where the different tracks of a recording are brought together to create a harmonious and tonal overall impression. Volume, panning, EQ and effects are adjusted to integrate each track into the overall picture. The mixing process requires a lot of experience and knowledge of timbre and balance to achieve the best result. A good mix can help make the music more vibrant and engaging, and make the individual elements of the recording stand out more.

Mixdown im Tonstudio Mannheim


Would you like to have your tracks coordinated?

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Digitales Mastering im Tonstudio Mannheim

Recording + Edit + Mixdown in the recording studio

The complete package, from recording to mixdown!

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Mischpult, Nahaufnahme

Music mixing in the recording studio

The tracks, e.g. individual instruments of a band, are either recorded in our studio or delivered externally. Often a combination of recording and mixing is requested, e.g. if the producer has already composed and recorded his music and only wants to record the vocals in our studio and then have the mix done by us.

Here we work either on an hourly basis or with externally supplied material with 10,00€/ track. Our main sequencer has been Cubase from Steinberg for over 20 years, and as certified trainers and partners we are always up to date with the latest technology.

When it comes to mixing, we follow a hybrid strategy, combining the best of the digital with the best of the analogue world. On the digital level, it is the accuracy and total-recall capability that ensure that all projects remain reproducible at all times and can be edited again at the same point where they were last closed, even years later.

Furthermore, we use the highest quality digital editing tools available, from Universal Audio to Waves to Fab Filter, to name but a few. One keyword here is "in-the-box" - that is, the signals are digitally refined with so-called plug-ins and mixed together in Cubase.

On the analogue level, we use tube devices, equalisers and compressors and other effects such as distortion and tape machines to give the signals the punch and sound that only high-quality analogue circuits are capable of. These devices are very expensive and they sound as high quality as they are. When combined, digital plug-ins and analogue hardware devices deliver the best sound. We have been working with the hybrid strategy in the screw factory for many years, as it is also used everywhere in the top studios of the world.


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Good preparation and clear agreements help in any case to achieve a professional sound. It is also important to take the time a song or an album needs to be released for eternity in this "digital" world.

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