A recording studio session as a gift voucher

The ideal gift for anyone who makes music or could use a music production workshop: Recording studio vouchers are a big hit with musicians, singers and instrumentalists who want to record in a professional environment. In three hours, for example, we manage to record a good 2-5 songs on instrumentals. In our singing booth, the lyrics are displayed on a screen, and the music and microphone signal come to your ears in a melodious way via headphones.

Gesangsaufnahme Gutschein im Tonstudio Schraubfabrik

Give a gift voucher for a recording studio

You are welcome to practise to a specific playback, instrumental or karaoke version. There are many karaoke versions available on YouTube or in better quality at karaoke-version.de. Please send us the links to the desired songs in advance, so that we can listen to them in advance because of the sound quality etc. In the recording studio we can also play the playbacks lower if the singer doesn't want to manage the highest notes. In the meantime, we can also remove the vocals from songs for which there is no instrumental or karaoke version, using artificial intelligence, to create an instrumental that is not available anywhere else.

After recording, the best takes are selected and edited together and any pitch corrections are made. False tones do not leave our studio and no one should be ashamed of his/her vocal performance. With a mixture of Cubase "Vari-Audio" and the plug-in "Autotune", we get almost all vocal performances to a professional level that does not need to hide from current chart productions.

Of course, the recording studio vouchers can also be used for all other services of the Schraubfabrik, be it recording, mixing or mastering as well as our workshop offers.

2 hours 120,00 € netto
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Years of experience for professional sound

Good preparation and clear agreements help in any case to achieve a professional sound. It is also important to take the time a song or an album needs to be released for eternity in this "digital" world.

Let's just do it well!

We are looking forward to your request.

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