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Why "Schraubfabrik?"

Jan Kalt's first recording studio was located in the premises of the Soundfabrik in Fürth in the Odenwald. Since there was no Google Maps yet and the studio also wanted to be found, Jan had decided, with the permission of the owner Wolfgang Klingelhöfer, to base the name and lettering on that of the Soundfabrik. So it was clear, at least in the Odenwald, where to look for the local recording studio, because the Soundfabrik was widely known as a music shop for guitar and bass. And there was a lot of music-making going on. In the early years, there was still a lot of hardware, i.e. mixing consoles with knobs and dials. The sound was "tweaked" until everything was just right. In the meantime, this term has also become accepted in many music magazines and blogs, and thus screwing is no longer exclusively reserved for car workshops and tool mechanics; today, sound screwdriver is simply a colloquial variant for the job title sound technician or sound engineer.

Impressions of the Schraubfabrik

Years of experience for professional sound

Good preparation and clear agreements help in any case to achieve a professional sound. It is also important to take the time a song or an album needs to be released for eternity in this "digital" world.

Let's just do it well!

We are looking forward to your request.

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