Recording vocals - Vocal recording in the recording studio

Vocal recordings in the recording studio require care and attention to achieve a professional and high-quality result. A good vocal microphone and an acoustically prepared room are important factors for a successful recording. The singer should also be placed in a comfortable position to allow for a natural and relaxed performance. During the recording process, the singer is usually guided by the sound engineer to achieve the best possible performance. After recording, the vocal recording can be edited and cut to achieve a perfect result.

Gesangsaufnahme im Tonstudio mit Playback


A high-quality vocal recording in a recording studio does not have to be expensive. The prerequisite for this is that a ready-made playback or a karaoke version of a song is available to sing along to. Good playbacks can be found at What such a recording sounds like in our studio, you can listen to it here! Check:

Here you have the option of making a 2-hour appointment. You come to this appointment well prepared and know your lyrics inside out.

We record several takes of vocals with a high-quality recording chain consisting of a Neumann microphone, Focusrite pre-amps or various tube amplifiers and cut the best takes together into a very good take. Then the vocal recording is refined with a nice reverb, delay etc. and tastefully mixed together with the playback. The result is burned onto CD audio or rendered as mp3 and can be taken home immediately.

Vocal recording incl. playback and post-production Output on CD

2 hours 120,00 € netto
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Price net plus 19 % VAT.

gesangsaufnahme im tonstudio


Record the song of your choice in the recording studio and receive vocal support and coaching from a trained singer.

Recording studio incl. engineer and additionally 1 vocal coach (male or female)

1 hour 120,00 € netto
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Price net plus 19 % VAT.

gesangsaufnahme im tonstudio


If there is no playback (without vocals) for the song, we can create one. There are several possibilities - please ask for an individual offer. If necessary, we have the complete song with all instruments recorded by our professional studio musicians. The hourly rate for the musicians is between 50-100€ net. In our experience, this can be done very quickly if sheet music is available or the song has a certain degree of popularity. The complete instrumentation does not always have to be recorded. Why not sing a U2 song accompanied only by piano? There are several examples on YouTube and the like. We can make high-quality playbacks and karaoke versions as desired, which are also correspondingly high-resolution and do not sound like raspy mp-3 sound, which can also be mixed better with the vocal recording.

Vocal recording without playback + post-production + output on CD

2 hours 120,00 € netto

1 x Studiomusiker zum Instrument einspielen z.B Klavier

1 hour 40,00 - 60,00 €/hour netto
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Price net plus 19 % VAT.

Gesangsaufnahme im Tonstudio mit eigener Komposition


Write your very own song with professional support. With the help of a trained singer and composer, as well as a professional sound engineer, your song will be brought to life and recorded with instruments and backing vocals in the recording studio.

Professional songwriting for your own song.

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Years of experience for professional sound

Good preparation and clear agreements help in any case to achieve a professional sound. It is also important to take the time a song or an album needs to be released for eternity in this "digital" world.

Let's just do it well!

We are looking forward to your request.

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