A voice actor is someone who dubs the voice of a person or character in films, TV shows, audio books, computer games and other media. They dub the characters' dialogue into German or other languages spoken by actors in the original sound.

Voice actors often have to be very good at lip-syncing and portraying emotions. They often work in sound studios and work closely with directors and producers to achieve the best possible dubbing.

Voice over is a common technical term used in studio technology for radio and film. It refers to the sound recording of a voice that is superimposed on another sound recording or on a film scene. Professional dubbing actors are regularly booked in the recording studio for this, which we definitely recommend for professional productions if you are not an outstanding natural talent.

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Voice Over with the Schraubfabrik

We are very experienced in our voice recordings for all kinds of applications, be it radio, TV, audio books or image films.

We also regularly produce voice-overs and dubbing for video and TV in our recording studio.

From our voice-over artist pool, we will find the right voice-over artist or dubbing artist for your project.

The prices are based on the fees for professional voice-over artists.

Voice recordings per hour or part thereof (without prof. speaker)

1 hour 80,00 € netto

Voice recordings per hour or part thereof (with prof. speaker)

1 hour on request
Ask now

Price net plus 19 % VAT.

References for voice recordings in the Mannheim recording studio

Here is a production from our house:
Machtbeben - Dirk Müller bei Random House

to be continued!

Years of experience for professional sound

Good preparation and clear agreements help in any case to achieve a professional sound. It is also important to take the time a song or an album needs to be released for eternity in this "digital" world.

Let's just do it well!

We are looking forward to your request.

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